Empowered Fitness- We Begin

There is no one way to be beautiful. There is no one way to feel fit.

We’ve been told over and over that Thin is In, that Strong is the New Skinny, that Fit is Fabulous that Big is Beautiful. The truth is, all of those could be true, but maybe none of them are. And more importantly- none of them has to be true for you!

You are allowed to want to look however you want to look! You are empowered to feel great in what ever body you have.

The only question is- what do you want?

True beauty comes from feeling good in your skin and living the life you choose… on your terms.

There are so many ways to do that- and not one of them is the right way. The only way to know which one is right is to find what is right for you.

I have worked on TV and been told I was “too big” “too tall” “too fat” by strangers online that I will never know- and it hurt my feelings because I believed there was a “right way” to look if I was going to be on TV.

I “tightened and toned” to try to fit in but only felt disappointed that no matter how hard I tried or how little I ate I never looked like the women I was being compared to.

I abandoned all that and became a competitive Cross-fitter where I was told I that I was “too skinny”, that I should “put on 15 pounds,” that I didn’t “look like an athlete.”

So worked hard to gain muscle and I got strong and I loved my new powerful body. Now I was being told I was “athletic” but suddenly I was “thick” or “manly” or “big”.

My interests took me to Yoga and Pole fitness where I was “too powerful,” “too inflexible,” my butt was suddenly too big, my shoulders too broad, my boobs too big to fit in.

Every time I changed myself to fit in to some group, I suddenly didn’t fit in with another group. The person I never asked what they thought of me- was me!

I like to be strong, but I no longer want to be able to squat 200 pounds.

I love to be flexible, but I no longer want to compromise my joints to get a deeper back bend.

I like to be lean, but skinny just isn't me.

What I want is to feel good in the skin I’m in.

For me, that means I want to be able to play when I want to play, to run when I want to run, to be able to touch my toes and do a high kick when I’m happy.

My butt is my butt- no one has to like it but me.

Here we aren’t going to set one standard of beauty or fitness. Here we are going to explore all the different ways that we can be fit and feel beautiful in all of our different bodies.

I’m excited about feeling good. How about you?

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