Start Where You Are- Do What You Can

When I was recovering from having surgery (again) after a motorcycle accident that broke my leg and took my ability to walk for nearly a year, I was depressed, hurting body and soul.

I felt useless and out of control.

I never realized how much I needed my body to manage my mind until I felt like I didn’t have access to it.

In time I realized I needed to move. I needed to do what I could. I needed to start somewhere.

I could barely find my motivation, I was so low on energy, I was so lonely and isolated.

What I could do was get on my crutches and meet friends for lunch. I could not take the wheel chairs offered, take the stairs instead of the elevator, I could use my body as it was.

When I could walk there was so much I still couldn’t do, but I went into a pilates style studio and said: imagine I’m an amputee from the knee down, what can we do, and we started.

When I could run I would try to run faster, when I could lift weight I would try to lift heavier.

When I could do yoga, I would try to flow, when I could flow I learned to flow with my breath.

Start where you are. Do what you can. What you can do will change. As it does what you will do will change too. The hardest part is starting.

So now I ask you- where are you? Be honest with yourself. What will you do?

Can you walk around the block after dinner? Can you stand and stretch every hour at work? Can you walk 1 lap around the building and take the stairs up when you get there?

Can you turn your 3 mile jog into an interval sprint? Can you hold plank 3 times a day for one minute? Can you do 25 V-ups when you first wake up and before you go to bed?

Where are you? What will you do?

It’s the belief that there is one right way or some right standard you have to follow or achieve that keeps us from starting and hinders us when we miss a step. A little compassion for ourselves goes a long way. So set yourself up for success and start from where you are.

Do you need external motivation? Sign up for a class with a cancellation policy! It will help drive you to show up, and the cost will help you want to make it worth your while.

Are you a lone wolf? That’s heaven for workout DVDs and YouTube. You can sample everything from Yoga to Kettlebell workouts to Dance Cardio and Bootcamp with privacy.

Do you need a little break and some solace? Walking is amazing for you, gentle on the joints, and as powerful for the mind as meditation.

Throw 5, 10, 20, 40 pounds in a backpack and suddenly that walk has taken on a whole new character! Take that walk up a local hill and now you’re a ruck marcher!

You are where you are. And here is the best place to start.

Do what you can, then do what you will. You’re awesome, just the way you are.

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