Beginning Again When You've Lost Your Way

We all know how we feel when we’re doing the stuff that makes us feel like our best self.

You’re on fire, energetic, you feel full of purpose and find joy in the little things. At the end of the day you go to sleep knowing you’ve lived well and sleep deeply. You’re making good choices about your food and sleep and connecting with others, you’re showing love and allowing yourself to be loved in return.

But sometimes we start to slip. "Comfort food" becomes a habit not a special indulgence. You stop honoring and taking care of your body with exercise or meditation. You stop connecting with others or deny their connection with you.

For me, I know I’m off track when I find myself still awake after midnight or staring into the fridge at 11pm looking for a treat (or in my case some kind of pasta!) or I spend a day without making meaningful eye contact or conversation.

But how do we come back? How do you re-ground yourself in your best-life choices?

Here are some suggestions:

Make a Break

Set this new day aside. Maybe it’s with a fast. Many religions and traditions mark transitions with a day or a period of fasting. It’s a simple way to bring attention to the difference of the day. Its a reminder of the privileges we have (abundant and available food, the time or opportunity to prepare it) and the strength of our body (I can, in fact, go 12 or 24 or 48 hours without food and I will be okay). Fasting doesn’t have to be a punishment, it can be an opportunity to be more aware of how you are and where you are as you shift your mindset.

Take a Breath

Heck, take a bunch of breaths if you can, but start with one.

Inhale deeply through your nose and sigh out through the mouth. How did that feel? Want to try it again? Awesome!

Sit or lie down comfortably and breathe. Feel the breath fill you, listen to the breath leave you. Even 30 seconds of mindful breathing can change your blood pressure and reduce your stress. Give yourself the gift of a few minutes if you have it and see how you feel.

Just taking the time to stop and listen to your breath can can how you see yourself and how you see your day.

Clean it Out

Look around you- where do you see your stuff piling up?

Is it the kitchen? (That would be me!)

It’s time for a pantry clean out. Take out those trigger foods, the safety foods, the expired foods, the processed packaged foods, the foods that don’t inspire you to make good choices. Give yourself the gift of letting those things go so you can see your best self reflected in front of you.

Is it the laundry? The clutter?

Time for a good washing and tossing! If it’s been sitting in the laundry for weeks and you haven’t wanted to wear it enough to even wash it- let it go. Only keep the clothes (and the stuff) around you that makes you happy and keeps you inspired and joyful. -As a reformed packrat, I am unabashedly cribbing from Marie Kondo (Check out the Magic Art of Tidying Up, it’s powerful stuff!) If the stuff around you makes you feel burdened it is not serving you, let it go. It’s amazing how much clearer your life feels when the space around you is clear.

Take it Outside

Connecting with something bigger than ourselves is paramount to our peace and joy and happiness.

Take a walk. Watch the sunrise. Stand barefoot in the grass. Feed the ducks. Plant a tree.

Get outside and remind yourself how big and beautiful and wild the world is.

If you can take a day or two to get away, that’s wonderful. But if you can’t, or feel like you can’t (me again!) just taking a few minutes to be in nature can make you feel renewed and reconnected.

You are awesome just the way you are. But we all forget that sometimes. Give yourself the gift of reminding yourself just how awesome you are. You’re worth it.

Take care of yourselves out there!

What do you do to reconnect with your power? Let us know in the comments!

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