How to Home Gym like a Pro

If you’re going to buy one piece of exercise equipment for home, buy a jumprope.

If you’re going to buy two, buy a Kettlebell.

Kettlebells are small, efficient, wildly effective and can be used in dozens of ways and combinations.

And I love me a jumprope! They’re tiny, come in all kinds of colors and styles, travel well and the really fancy expensive ones still only cost about $30!

Because jump ropes take a little coordination, they’re good not only for your heart but also your brain! Proprioceptive awareness, fancy talk for getting the mind and the body on the same page, gets stronger the more parts of the body we use together at a time.

Start with just jumping rope. If it feels awkward at first, you are not alone! The number of adults who haven’t jumped rope since childhood is, well, it’s a lot. Don’t worry about it! Re-learning is part of the fun. Re-discover a skill you had and will have again.

Once you start jumping with confidence the fun really starts!

Start with 2 minutes of continuous jumping- every time the rope stops or you hit your feet count up. Rope stops 10 times- do 10 push ups at the end of the 2 minutes. Repeat this 3 times for a great warm up to a HIIT workout or let it be the beginning of your home workout program.

With a jumprope you can work out at home, on vacation, in the parking lot at work- where ever you have 5 or 10 minutes!

Did you invest in that Kettlebell? Awesome!

A Kettlebell is a woman’s butt’s best friend. Though they were developed for the Russian Military, I’ve always thought the Kettlebell was just quietly waiting for women to pick it up. Everything about Kettlebell training makes a woman’s body more womanly.

Here’s the trick with a Kettlebell- it’s not a dumbbell, and that’s great! A slightly heavier Kettlebell will actually be easier to swing and to learn to use because the weight helps it move the way it should. Most women can start at 20-25 pounds- leave those little 5 and 8 pounders on the shelf.

The basic swing is more of a hinge than a squat. Stand nice and tall. Let the bell hang in your arms- go ahead and let them hang down, just hang. Keep your chest nice and tall. Hinging at the hips, keep the arms against the body and let that bell poke out behind you. Stand with energy snapping the hips open. This energy sends the arms off the body. Not only do you NOT have to pick it up with the strength of your arms, but if you do, you’re taking the sexiness away from your butt! Keep your weight in your heels, only bend the knees enough to get the bell back through the legs. Don’t squat, just swing. Hinge and snap.

Start simple. A few sets of 10-15 swings. As you start getting more comfortable with the swing we start adding more fun!

It doesn’t have to cost a lot or take a lot of time to start changing your body and your mind. Let’s have an adventure!

Here’s a Jumprope and Kettlebell circuit to get you started:

50 Jumps (or 30 Double Unders if you’re feeling fancy) followed by 10 Kettlebell Deadlifts

50 Jumps followed by 20 Kettlebell Swings

50 Jumps followed by 10 Kettlebell Squats

Rest 2 Minutes

Repeat the circuit 5 times. Your heart and your butt will thank you!

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