Say Yes to Quitting!

“Don’t be a quitter.” “Quitters never win.” “It’s always too early to quit.”


Pardon my language, but that is garbage!

You don’t have to do everything! You don’t have to be everything!

A few weeks ago I had 7 jobs in 3 different career paths. Does that sound crazy? Of course it does! Because it is! But my heart does not run in a straight line, and my passions take me far and wide, and somewhere along the line in the last few years I picked up “just a little” of this and just a little of that, until suddenly I found myself working 7 days a week, all hours of the day, and never feeling like I gave anything all the love it deserved.

My life felt just like that run-on sentence.

I loved all of my jobs. I loved what I did, and who I worked with, and why I did it. I didn’t think I could let go of any of it.

But I was always tired. And try as I might to be where I was, a piece of my mind was always running over what I had to do next. My relationships were suffering, my dreams were suffering, and I couldn’t look to my future without being bogged down in my present.

I needed space. I needed time. I needed clarity, so I quit. One thing at a time, I quit.

It took time. Every time I quit it felt terrifying, then immediately freeing. I quit jobs, I quit relationships, I quit saying yes to every offer. Every time I quit I feared the people I loved would feel let down, but every time I quit I was supported in my decision.

I quit work and feared for my budget, but somehow more money would come in. I quit relationships that took up so much of my time and my heart space but didn't return the love I gave; suddenly I had more love for myself and more time to enjoy it. I quit hoarding stuff in my house I "might need someday" and realized I don't miss anything I let go. So I kept quitting. I realized I had spent so much time on things I cared about that I didn’t take time to take care of myself, not in the way that I needed.

The great equalizer is that we all have just 24 hrs in a day (16 if you’re getting a good nights sleep!) What we do with our time determines the quality of our lives. And what we do with our time is up to us. We are not locked into our choices just because we made them yesterday.

Are you holding onto a relationship that’s making you miserable? Quit it!

Are you working a job that’s keeping you from your dreams? Quit it!

Are you suffering on a diet that’s making you crazy? Quit it!

Are you saying yes to everyone else’s needs and not your own? Quit it!

And, yes. It really is that easy.

I didn’t say it isn’t scary, but it really is that easy. Just quit. Just say no.

When I got really honest with myself I realized that I was afraid to quit any of the things I was doing because I was afraid I wouldn’t be missed. I was afraid to realize they could do it without me. I needed to be needed. I was so identified with what I DID I had lost touch with who I AM.

Well, here’s the newsflash. They can do it without me. I am unique, and I am valuable, and I bring something special to the table, and they can still do it without me. That doesn’t diminish who I am or what I do. Who I AM is more than what I DO.

All of our lives are full of extra stuff we don’t need, extra commitments, extra people, extra obligations. Every choice you make gives you a return on the investment of your time, money or energy. Are you getting good value for your choices? If the answer is no, then quit!

It’s not true that “winners never quit and quitters never win.” History is full of quitters who went on to win at something better.

Sometimes we think that the time (or money or energy) we’ve invested in something makes it inherently valuable. But as my grandma would say “when you get to the bottom of the hole, stop digging.” If you continue to pour more time and money and energy into something that isn’t giving you back more than you put in, you are losing not only what you’ve invested but also the opportunity to do something different with those resources.

What would you quit if you could? Are you sure that you can’t? What do you really have to lose by letting go of the things that do not serve you?

I’m a quitter and I’m proud of it. Are you?

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